Free Huggers

Thyago Ohana
Free Hugs Vienna Organizer

“The smile on people’s faces is like a fuel for my soul. Becoming a ‘free hugger’ made me be sure that being the reason someone smiles is one of my goals in life.”

Joyce Rubasch
Free Hugger 2015

“I would define it as: brotherhood – a way to remember that we all share the same world we live in and each hug is like saying “You are an important part of it. Thank you for belonging to this, for being here for me…”

Vania Cristina
Free Hugger 2015

“With Free Hugs I get to feel this amazing exchange of positive energy and I get to “recharge my batteries”. I rejoice with every hug and every smile, for these are exchanged with no prejudice at all… no matter the skin color, race, religion…”

Andy Weinbacher
Free Hugger 2014

“Not everybody is used to get hugged by a stranger. It made me even happier to feel how much a person can enjoy a hug like this. So I continued to share my joy with others.”

Kathi Suschitz
Free Hugger 2014

“Free hugging is an amazing and powerful act of kindness. You give away a hug to someone you don’t know and it turns out that you get back so much energy, happiness, joy, laughter and Love. You can make their day, as well as they can make yours.”

Galya Mikhnyova
Free Hugger 2014

“Free hugs bring a lot of positive, kindness and love in our sometimes grey world. Just a short hug can make someone’s day or maybe even change the whole life! ”

Alejandro Sosa
Free Hugger 2014

“At the end of the day it’s the small things in life that makes a big change. Small act of kindness can have a much bigger effect on a persons life than one might ever expect.”

Maya Glogowski
Free Hugger 2014

“My first time free hugging was during the Love parade in Vienna. I was amazed with the positive responses and overwhelmed with the love i received. was a great experience bringing strangers together and spreading happy feelings all around.”

Jamilio Kranebitter
Free Hugger 2014

“Once I started to hug others and saw their reactions, I got kind of addicted to all of the happiness they spread. It was new to me but I never thought it’d make me so fulfilled. It’s simple, but sometimes a hug is all we need.”

Renato Dornelas
Free Hugger 2014

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away! I love the experience of free hugs; taking people out of their comfort zone and making someone else’s day (and mine!) is more than joyful – it’s awesome!”

Francis Vieira
Free Hugger 2013

“A hug is the perfect gift – one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it and I love to give that perfect gift to anyone – anyplace.”

Klaus Kieneswenger
Free Hugger 2013

“It is a unique experience that spreads joy and happiness. The effect a simple hug has on people (the hugged ones as well as the hugger) is astonishing, amazing and beautiful.”

Cinthya Mello
Free Hugger 2013

“Free hugging was an incredible experience for me. I loved to connect to people that pass by me every day and seem so serious. Then you offer them a hug and they turn into someone else – smiling and hugging so warmly.”

Arwa Lahrizi
Free Hugger 2013

“It was the most superb experience I’ve ever had. The best moment of the day was when a girl after hugging me told me “you made my day”. I think that’s what free hugs are all about – empowering people and sharing love”

Hanni Flicker
Free Hugger 2007

Patricia Bloom
Free Hugger 2007

“I love hugs! They are so simple and at the same time have a great impact on ones life as they gift a sense of ease and joy. How does it get any better? Let’s hug, world!”

space and place
Free Hugger Group


Sheila Mara
Photographer & Artist

“So many different feelings people have when they see “Free Huggers” on streets. Much better and beautiful is when I click them smiling. But when not, what do they have in their minds? 🙂 Love it anyway!!!”

Alexander Holly

“A free hug brings smiles to people’s faces and turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. It is an honor for me to capture this positive energy”

Nikolaus Nikoll
Photographer, Painter & Web Designer

“Never seen so many smiles at once.”

Eduardo Lobo
Journalist & Photographer

“When you are about to hug someone, you don’t know how it is going to be. But then, there’s only true emotions and unique reactions, that’s what makes “Free Hugs” awesome.”