The free huggers, supporters and friends of this cause are very glad to hear what you have to say about this initiative. Sign our guestbook! Your message might be the inspiration someone needs to become a free-hugger and start spreading joy in Vienna, in Austria or anywhere else around the world!

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  1. Thiago Neves Miranda

    A small iniciative that makes all the difference. It´s inspiring to see the sincere happines and joy through the photos posted on the homepage! In these days, people needs a gesture of kindness and love. Keep up the wonderful job, my friend!

  2. Andreas

    Fantastische Idee, ich sah es in andere Länder aber nie wirklich in Österreich – Es ist sooooooo gut Umarmt zu werden ohne einen ersichtlich Grund – Viel Erfolg und ich hoffe ich umarme euch mal – LG – Andreas

  3. Raquel Ohana

    It makes me really happy to see such initiatives. Opening this website and browsing through the pictures on the homepage brought tears to my eyes. I have never imagined it would be so easy to capture true happiness in pictures in such an easy way. Keep up the great work and God bless you all!

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