The ‘Free Hugs Vienna’ Group reaches out to a large spectrum of people with the intention of brightening up their lives. We share joy and love by giving out ‘Free Hugs’ to strangers and, as every single picture in our galleries show, we make people smile.

The maintenance of our website, the photo coverage of our ‘hugging sprees’, the cards printed to spread the word about us and all other costs related to the ‘Free Hugs Vienna’ are fully covered by its members. With further help, we shall be able to expand the reach of our activities, have more ‘huggers’ on streets and spread the word about us via different channels, all of which shall eventually expand the circle of people who know about the campaign and become part of this circle of joy.

You can contribute with us by making a donation in money or in kind.
In-kind donations mean we accept gifts such as website hosting, photo equipment, print material, or any other thing that is already part of our costs or can be used by us for the sake of the campaign. We can also use certain marketing, programming and design expertise. Please contact us to discuss your proposed in-kind donation.


Besides the outreach activities we undertake in Vienna, it is our aim to expand and bring the ‘Free Hugs’ action to other towns in Austria as well as other European cities. While our team is very excited to make this happen, the costs involved in making this dream come true are much higher. If you think you can help us spread love and joy in your town by organizing, helping us organize or helping us finance the visit of some of our team members to different destinations, we would be very glad to discuss your offer. Again, you can contribute with the campaign actively, or be the gear that helps us keep this joy-engine running. Contact us!