Eurovision & Free Hugs Vienna

In a friendly partnership with the Austrian broadcaster ORF, some members of the “Free Hugs Vienna” team have been active in the context of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) since 2014 in Copenhagen.

  • In its first year, the team went ‘free hugging’ to show support to the Tolerance Campaign leading to Conchita Wurst’s victory.
  • In 2015, “Free Hugs Vienna” opened its arms to spread joy during the Song Contest week in Vienna showing support to the motto of the year “Building Bridges”.
  • In 2016, “Free Hugs Vienna” brought smiles and laughter with ‘free hugs’ showing support to the year’s Austrian entry, Zoë, and her song, “Loin d’ici” as well as the motto of the year “Come Together”.
  • In its 4th consecutive year, “Free Hugs Vienna” hit the Eurovision Arena in 2017 in Kiev and hugged away fans and members of the media while supporting Nathan Trent, the Austrian competitor with the song “Running on Air”, and promoting the “love, tolerance and laughter” message fully in alignment with the year’s motto “Celebrate Diversity”.

The ‘free hugs’ actions normally take place in front of the arena where the contest takes place as well as in several locations such as the Euroclub, Eurofan Café, EuroVillage and the ESC Press Center, places where fans and the press from all over Europe celebrate the Song Contest week.

In its third consecutive year, “Free Hugs Vienna” already managed to leave a footprint among ESC fans, all of whom jointly celebrate this joint initiative of the Austrian broadcaster and “Free Hugs Vienna” to promote this campaign to share joy, love and tolerance in the context of a contest, which was born with the ultimate goal to BRING EUROPE TOGETHER.

And “Free Hugs Vienna” is very proud to actively promote this motto to the whole of Europe on behalf of Austria by bringing people together with nothing more than ‘free hugs’ (…and lots of smiles!) :-)

To get to know about Free Hugs Vienna and its history in connection to the Eurovision Song Contest, you may want to refer to this Interview carried out in 2015 by with the organizer of the group, Thyago Ohana.